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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

Veer Switchback Seat


Comfortable, lightweight and hose washable, the Switchback Seat is the foundation of the Switchback system. It connects to a growing range of frames with a simple click or can be used on its own as a meal time booster.

As part of the Veer Switchback System, the Switchback Seat can be used in a myriad of ways - as a stroller seat, bike seat, camp seat, and booster seat:

Switchback &Roll Stroller - A classic hybrid single-to-double stroller with all-terrain capabilities

Switchback &Jog Stroller - An ultra-terrain Jogging stroller with shock absorption and the ability to reverse the seat to face you

Switchback &Bike - A rear bike rack and mount. Start biking with your babies at age 1+

Switchback &Chill - Click the Switchback Seat into the &Chill Camp Chair frame and have an easy, convenient, and comfy place for your baby to chill.

Booster Seat - Straight off the bat the Switchback Seat clips onto a kitchen chair and becomes a booster seat.

Cruiser Seat - Adapters allow you to snap the Switchback seat into the Veer Cruiser or Cruiser XL 

You can start using the Switchback Seat at birth with the Switchback Infant Soft Insert. Otherwise start use at around 3 months or good neck control.

The Switchback Seat is customizable and ready to go anywhere at any time. For cold or inclement weather, you'll want the Weather Shield and Footmuff to keep your kid cozy. And for yours and your kid's convenience, a Snack and Drink Tray clips directly onto the seat.