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Then There Were Six Paperback Book


Then There Were Six: An Inspiring Tale of the Power of Love, Kindness, and Adoption

by Pam A Ostrander, Seth M Pennington (Illustrator)

Forget everything you think you know about manatees. Did you know they like sea-ball, squid-itch and going to pet parks? I bet you were unaware that they eat jellybeans and hot fudge-kelp! Once you dive into the ocean world of the Itty family, you won't want to come up for air. You will cheer them on when they find a sea horse that needs adopting. You'll scratch your head wondering why, for barnacle's sake, is the process so slow.

Hugh-man Itty and his sister, Clare Itty join forces finally to do something heroic! What about the Oct-o-Judge, will she give them her Seal of Approval? Is there any chance of an ending as a peace-sign with butterfly wings?