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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

Earth Mama Organics Booby Tubes


Booby Tubes® are all-natural, gel-free breast packs that can be used either warm or cold to meet your personal breastfeeding needs!  Made from 100% organic cotton and filled with all-natural flax seed, these cleverly shaped packs are designed to be adjustable to your breast shape and what feels comfortable to you. When used warm, the heat eases the tenderness of breast engorgement while also promoting let down, encouraging milk flow, and avoiding clogged milk ducts. Used cold, these packs help to reduce swelling from breast engorgement.


Place Booby Tubes® in your microwave for 20-40 seconds and enjoy the warmth. Or store in the freezer for a cooling sensation in between feedings.

Cleaning Booby Tubes®:

Simply wipe the tubes with a wet cloth.  Do not place in the washing machine or submerge in water; the flax seeds may sprout (seriously)!

Also great for:

- An icy pack to soothe bumps, bruises, etc
- A heating pad for upset tummies, sore muscles, and aching ears.