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Dad Jokes: The Cheesiest, Corniest Joke Book Ever! Paperback Book


Dad Jokes: The Cheesiest, Corniest Joke Book Ever!

What did the dad say when his son said, “I’m hungry”? “Hi, Hungry, I’m Dad!”

Looking for a joke that’s so corny, only a dad could tell it? This laugh-out-loud humor collection contains over 900 kid-friendly, clean dad jokes that will leave kids groaning and giggling. Packed with wholesome humor, Dad Jokes makes an amazing gift for a dad, grandpa, father-to-be or anyone who loves to laugh.

This dad jokes book is filled with 256 pages of jokes by, about and for dads. With hilarious black-and-white cartoons and the cheesiest jokes around, readers young and old will love this book of knee-slappers. Hundreds of jokes are broken into chapters by topic like The Great Outdoors, Are We There Yet? and Perfectly Punny, so you can easily find the perfect joke for a dad in your life.

Dad Jokes makes a great gift for Father’s Day, birthdays or other special occasions. Joke books are also ideal for reluctant readers and provide screen-free entertainment for road trips, rainy days and more. Plus, sharing jokes with friends and family isn’t just fun; wordplay found in jokes and riddles boosts young readers’ language skills. Telling jokes helps kids build confidence and social-emotional skills that will help them succeed in school, too.