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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

Learn To Build BIG Activity Set


Plus-Plus Learn To Build BIG Activity Set

Build a variety of creations with this Learn to Build set. Included are 130 large pieces, 1 baseplate, 4 wheels, 10 activity cards, and 19 activities. The cards show examples of created projects to get ideas for building. For ages 1 and older.

This one simple shape is the key to unlocking endless creativity. Discover how to create flat mosaics and 3D builds. It’s the perfect, relaxing STEM toy to encourage fine motor skills, focus, and innovation.

This unique construction toy is so named because of its shape - like two plus signs linked together (similar to a standard jigsaw puzzle piece). The pieces fit easily together to make all sorts of models. You are only limited by your imagination! Create flat 2D shapes, objects, or mosaics or construct amazing 3D creations. All sets are compatible with other Plus-Plus sets that contain the same sized pieces. Standard pieces are 2.4cm x 1.2cm, and the big pieces are 1.25in x 2in. All Plus-Plus® toys have been manufactured in Denmark, using 100% wind energy.