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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868
Make Every Day an Adventure!

Make Every Day an Adventure!

We are so happy to welcome Little Adventures to Mother & Earth! 

These are not your traditional costumes- No cheap materials that wear out quickly here! A few reasons why we love Little Adventures:

1) They were created by moms!    

Heather and Jenny were moms that found themselves in a predicament. With 15 children between them, they both had a lot of dress ups.  Their kids wanted to be able to PLAY, RUN, JUMP, EAT, CREATE, and IMAGINE in their dress ups and they never wanted to take them off. They wanted to wear them every day, all day! The problem? Most costumes were not washable, not durable, and not very comfortable. These ladies decided to change that! 

2) They are comfy AND kid friendly.

Many kids have sensitive skin, so they choose fabrics that are silky and soft. All of their seams are wrapped in soft fabric to prevent any irritation- making these great for sensory sensitive kiddos.

Little fingers can get frustrated with buttons, snaps, zippers, and ties. These dress ups are made to pull over the head easily, or have simple hook and loop closures. Kids can be free to play and feel independent! 

3) They are quality!

Most costumes are cheaply made, without much thought or attention to detail... and you can forget trying to wash them. Little Adventures are made with finished hems and seams in order to allow them be worn everyday, all day, just like clothing. They are MACHINE WASHABLE!, and they are guaranteed to stand up to childhood wear and tear. If you have an issue- they will replace it! 


We love Little Adventures, and we know you will love them too! 

Take a look at our selection here!


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