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1st Birthday Celebration Ideas

1st Birthday Celebration Ideas

What a day to celebrate!

Baby's very first birthday!

Of course there are traditional ways to celebrate a first birthday. However, you should celebrate in a way that feels fun and true to you and your baby. Here are a few ideas. We hope this list spurs the perfect idea for your celebration.

  1. A "one-derful" themed first birthday party with decorations featuring the number 1 and a cake with a big "1" on it.
  2. A "wild one" themed party with safari or jungle decorations and animal-themed snacks.
  3. A "my first year" photo shoot with a professional photographer to capture the milestones of the past year.
  4. A "smash cake" photo shoot where the baby gets to dig into their own little cake for their first taste of sugar.
  5. A "teddy bear picnic" where guests bring a stuffed animal and enjoy a picnic-style meal.
  6. A "first book" party where guests bring a favorite book to start a library for the child.
  7. A "first friends" party where parents can connect and make new friends.
  8. A "first trip" party where the parents can plan a small trip or vacation to celebrate the first birthday.
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