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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

Willie's Rainbow World- Wooden Block Set + Book

This wooden rainbow stacker toy offers endless ways of building with the blocks and peg dolls. The story of the educational book "Willie's colors" fosters playfully your kid's emotional intelligence! Including a 7 piece beechwood rainbow, an educational book and 7 wooden peg dolls to play act the story in the book according to Montessori - this stacker learning toy is full of educational value! The beautiful read-aloud book playfully encourages children to observe the consequences of the decisions in their lives, because the story continues differently depending on the choices of the reader. Made of non-toxic sustainable beechwood and child-safe water-based paint with a natural touch, this stacker toy exceeds US & European Toy Safety Standard. The 7 rainbow stacking pieces nested together measure 23 x 12 x 7 cm which makes this rainbow toy broader and more stable than similar rainbow stackers.