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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

PopOhVer Stove Set Deluxe

  • POP-OH-VER, AWARD WINNING PLAY SETS THAT PROVIDE HOURS OF FUN - Soft and squishy playset that can be used for all ages. While you're in the real kitchen cooking, have your child right next to you imagining making a meal. The felt food items will ensure that your young chef stays safe while cooking alongside mom or dad.
  • Comes with a four-burner stove top, as well as microwave and oven doors that really open! Paired with our Breakfast and Lunch set that includes chicken leg, orange, egg with yolk, slice of bacon, 1 hot dog and bun, 2 slices of bread, lettuce leaf, slice of cheese, tomato slice and bologna.
  • PLUSH FELT DESIGN - The felt on the outside is made from the softest and most durable polyester felt fabric. The inside is filled with sand to give weight and true feel to these pieces. All pieces can be washed over and over again to get rid of any stains or germs that can accumulate after playing.
  • ENCOURAGE ROLE PLAY EARLY ON - This Stove Set Deluxe can help encourage thought and creativity at a young age. Teach your child how to cook and play with toy foods. Role play will help teach them the names and uses for the items along the way. This is the perfect gift for any child with a vivid imagination. Great for group play. 
  • Save space! Toy kitchens are great, but often take up lots of space. This set is easily set up, and easily put away!