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Happy Little Pets: I Take Care of My Puppy


A fun introduction to caring for a puppy in one interactive board book!

Let's take care of a puppy!

Feed your puppy, brush your puppy, and take your puppy on a walk around the block with the help of durable push-pull tabs, and more. Then give yourself a gold star! Perfect for dog families or little ones who want a puppy, this playful book teaches the joy of taking care of a pet—along with all the hard work it requires! Happy Little Pets: I Take Care of My Puppy provides an aspirational and satisfying way for young readers to learn the basics of pet ownership.

KIDS LOVE PETS: So many young children dream of owning a pet. But many don't know quite what that entails—yet. This novelty board book series provides basic care guidelines in a playful, hands-on format.

LEARNING OPPORTUNITY: What makes for a happy pet? In this series, toddlers discover the joy and responsibility of caring for a pet through simple yet engaging interactions. A useful tool for parents looking for a way to broach the subject of caring for a pet with their kids, building understanding of both the fun and the work that comes with pet ownership.

INTERACTIVE PLAY: The push-pull tab mechanisms are both sturdy and satisfying, encouraging hands-on play and reinforcing learning concepts as kids slide the tabs to discover more about their pet.

Perfect for:
Parents and grandparents