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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

Forest Friends KidSafe Diffuser

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It’s time to meet your new best friend -- the Forest Friend Kidsafe Diffuser with a bright and colorful sticker sheet! Never before has Plant Therapy offered an essential oil diffuser that is so fun and customizable! Use the music feature to play a gentle lullaby or nature sounds. The three different sound volumes keep the noise level right where you or your child are most comfortable. Choose from blue, purple, or a candlelight setting to add a relaxing glow to the room. These colorful LED lights have various settings that can be adjusted to your heart’s content.

This diffuser is made of safe-for-kids plastic and silicone, holds up to 145 mLs of water, and covers an area of approximately 480-square feet. The Forest Friend diffuser requires no chemicals or heat.