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Looking for something you don't see? Give us a call! (517) 721-1868

comfiGO Kid-Friendly Booster Seat


Best Backless Car Booster Seat Ever! A Mom’s Choice Awards® Recipient. & NAPPA® Travel Safety Winner

  • INNOVATIVE: this patented one-of-a-kind car booster seat is THE foremost solution for both kids and parents. It offers advanced safety features for more peace of mind, and was designed as a direct response to customers' feedback to traditional, clunky, and inefficient booster seats.
  • COMFORTABLE: Unlike traditional booster seats sporting hard plastic shells, comfiGO® boasts a soft, flexible padded cushion that lies directly on your car seat. Rest assured: your child will remain comfortable even on your longest trips.
  • CONVENIENT: this child car booster seat is not only super comfortable, but also supper easy and simple to use. Its small enough to fit in your bag, purse, or backpack, allowing you to take it on any trip. Moreover, its unobtrusive and low-profile design allows you to use the entire seat without removing it, as if there’s nothing there!
  • SUPER SAFE: comfiGO® works by helping to position the seat belt properly on your child’s body, much like a traditional booster seat. It also offers anti-slip rubber to prevent sliding around on the seat, in addition to elastic lap belt band that helps minimize slouching and keeps the lap belt section low on the hips. FMVSS 213 certified.
  • EASY TO USE: This lightweight, backless booster seat is simple and easy to use. Once it’s correctly set up for your child, it can either be attached to the car’s LATCH system or simply placed on the seat for quick, one-time trips, like taxis, carpools, or for the babysitter.
  • LIMITS: Suitable for children ages 4-12, with a minimum weight of 40lbs and a height between 40 – 57 Inches. All of the above information has been advised by the NHSTA & AAP

comfiGO® is an extremely comfortable and convenient car booster seat that will work in any car with a lap and shoulder seat belt system. It’s not only perfect for everyday use, but also easy to use for travel. comfiGO’s shoulder guide smoothly adjusts the car’s seat belt to your child’s height, and our patented, stretchable, and adjustable lap belt band keeps thevehicle’s lap belt section low on the hips even when your child tries to slouch. comfiGO’s safety has been confirmed by the results of crash tests carried out by independent institutes, and is FMVSS 213 certified for use in the US. comfiGO® is suitable for children ages 4 – 12, weighing over 40 lbs, and between 40 to 57 inches tall. Its widely accepted by all kidsand especially by older children.